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How to Get Things Done in Government
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Learn the most effective ways of getting things done in Washington DC--How to become an effective lobbyist and what pitfalls to avoid; How to introduce legislation and litigate to enforce it once enacted; How a one man publicity campaign created a government agency and started the Tea Party Movement!

Creation of a Minority Group
Read the book that created the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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Pictures from Baikonur
Pictures from Baikonur
brings to life American weapons of mass destruction programs and overflights of Russia and China in the 1950's.

So You Want to Drive a Truck
See highlights of the trucking videos that started it all in 1992

“It is my understanding that Mr. Trescott is interested in the position of FMCSA Administrator.  Upon reviewing his resume, I believe you will agree with my analysis that Mr. Trescott has unique qualifications.”—  Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, United States House of Representatives, Washington DC.

“We've had a lot of Ph.D.’s on the show that weren't as clear and articulate as this truck driver.”—Denton Randall, WHAS, Louisville

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Tells how Justice Kavanaugh's non-random panel assignments stopped Obama's Supreme Court nomination

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Highlights by William B. Trescott:

    Truckers can forgive a lot of things, but not drunk driving. As billboard lawyers charged extravagant fees to compensate victims of crashes that would never have occurred if modern safety features on trucks were legal, President Trump violated the law in nominating a lawyer to head the head the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act requires him to appoint “an individual with professional experience in motor carrier safety.” 

    Twice convicted of drunk driving, Raymond Martinez could never have gotten a job driving a truck for a living, much less met the minimum standard for employment in the motor carrier safety profession—an above average safety record driving eighteen wheelers. Nor did he publish articles, videos, or patent applications demonstrating expertise designing trucks or testing safety devices as any reasonable person would expect of an individual with professional experience in motor carrier safety. When he was supposedly driving trucks, he was actually working as an assistant to First Lady Nancy Reagan.

    This was not the first time an impostor had been appointed. Despite having no prior experience as a judge, in 2006 President Bush appointed his Assistant Brett Kavanaugh to sit on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. When Martinez's predecessors refused to allow modern safety features on trucks such as stronger roofs and crash absorbent bumpers, Kavanaugh dismissed litigation to legalize them, then denied the appeal even though judges are not allowed to hear appeals of their own decisions. In a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American Trucking Associations and Owner Operator Independent Driver Association agreed that fatal injuries to truckers could be reduced 23% if cab structural integrity was improved sufficiently to prevent crushing in rollover crashes. 

    When the former Ralph Nader organization Public Citizen brought a case to prevent truckers from being overworked, Kavanaugh ordered our pleadings to be edited to half the length of those of our employers. When I filed a motion accusing the court of bias, he was replaced by Janice R. Brown, a former assistant of a governor who had collaborated with Kavanaugh in dismissing the safety devices case. This new judge, nicknamed "The Diva" (who had famously hired a convicted bank robber to serve as her clerk as shown on the news program 60 Minutes), ruled that truckers lack standing to challenge a trucking regulation.  

    Judges are supposed to be assigned to cases randomly so that a corrupt judge cannot impose a predetermined outcome by suppressing evidence. Because the chances of each of the DC Circuit's fourteen judges sitting on a particular three judge panel were one in five, the odds of President Bush’s former Assistant being randomly assigned to three consecutive panels are less than one percent. It is therefore 99% certain that Justice Kavanaugh was assigned to our cases in a non-random manner.

    The FBI investigated several House and Senate committee chairmen to determine why a bill I wrote, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s 'Safer Truck Act', never received a hearing. Senator Ted Stevens, a Chairman of the Senate Committee who confirmed one of Martinez's equally unqualified predecessors without a hearing, was convicted of failing to report gifts from an oil company. The co-chairman not convicted, Presidential Candidate John McCain, owned a trucking company that distributed beer. The Chairman of the House Transportation Committee agreed to retire after failing to report owning stock in Oshkosh, a truck manufacturer.

    Charges against Stevens were abruptly dropped after I filed a complaint with the FBI alleging that a dozen truckers killed in Texas had a greater than 50-50 probability of being victims of wrongful death. The chief of the section that processed my complaint resigned from the FBI a month later and Senator Stevens died in a mysterious plane crash—not unlike the Presidents of Poland, Rwanda, Panama, and Pakistan when they knew too much.  The Attorney General who dismissed the charges was held in contempt of Congress in an unrelated cover up.  

    The Tea Party Movement gets its name from a 1973 trucker strike that shut down the nation's highways on the 200th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. On December 16th 2015, the 242nd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Martinez's immediate predecessor, T. F. Scott Darling III, promulgated a regulation requiring trucks to be equipped with tracking devices so that prototypes of modern intermodal vehicles can be monitored and searched without search warrants. This left truckers with no means of protecting our trade secrets.  The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) filed suit the very next day.  

    On January 7th 2016, I filed a Motion to Intervene by Right in the OOIDA's case claiming that Mr. Darling, a lawyer like Martinez lacking professional experience in motor carrier safety, lacked the statutory right to promulgate this type of rule because he had not been confirmed by the Senate. 

    A week later on January 14th 2016, the Acting Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed complaints of judicial misconduct I had filed that were preventing Darling’s confirmation. The reason that an acting chief judge ruled rather than the Chief Judge is that my complaints alleged that the chief judges of both the district and appellate courts covered up my complaints of non random panel assignments. That out of the way, the Senate Commerce Committee announced a confirmation hearing for Mr. Darling on the same day. 

    On January 20th 2016, The Judicial Council of the DC Circuit refused to release the acting chief judge’s opinion until ten minutes after Mr. Darling’s hearing ended. To suppress evidence I had gathered revealing that his tracking devices were recording inaccurate information, Darling filed an Opposition to my Motion to Intervene on the same day which was granted a week later even though I filed Comments before the Agency and a Petition to Reconsider.

    On March 15th 2016, the Judicial Council of the DC Circuit upheld the opinion of the acting chief judge. 

    As a reward for covering up his violations of the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act, President Obama nominated the Chief Judge who recused himself to become an associate justice of The Supreme Court the very next day on March 16th 2016.

    The overly coincidental coordination of the Judicial Council, the Senate Commerce Committee, the President, and The Department of Justice could not have been achieved without corrupt communication contrary to the principle of Constitutional separation of powers. John Hill, Darling's predecessor and head of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, blew the whistle claiming that “political people tell the appointed people what they’re going to do.” The Chief Judge's nomination was stopped at my request, leaving only eight justices on the Supreme Court.

    On June 6th 2016, the eight remaining Justices, four Jewish, four Catholic, denied my petition alleging corruption in the OOIDA case. Three weeks later, on June 27th 2016, they overruled the decision of a majority Protestant jury upheld by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals convicting Virginia's former Governor of receiving $175,000 in gifts—thus legalizing the corruption in our truck safety cases.

    On August 12th 2017, two months to the day after the Supreme Court dismissed the OOIDA's petition, a trucker organized a protest at the University of Virginia chanting, "Jews will not replace us" (referencing the fact that half of the Justices were Jewish when it overturned their governor's conviction). Judge Brown resigned three weeks later on August 31st.

    On Memorial Day 2018, Comedienne Rosanne Barr tweeted to her followers that the person most likely responsible for the illegal ex parte communication, Valerie Jarrett, Obama's Director of his Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, was like "The Muslim Brotherhood & The Planet of the Apes had a baby." Like those protesting the acquittal of their convicted governor, she was accused of racism and her top rated show was canceled in retaliation. Jarrett's post had previously been held by Chuck Colson, who served seven months in prison for obstruction of justice in the Watergate cover up, but Jarrett was never investigated.

   While a senator in Illinois, Barak Obama collaborated with convicted Governor George Ryan to ban capital punishment.  Ryan received six years in prison for causing the deaths of several children after issuing commercial driver’s licenses to unqualified truck drivers in exchange for campaign donations. Violating his pledge not to appoint lobbyists to head government agencies, Obama appointed Anne Ferro, former President of the Maryland Motor Truck Association, to be his first Motor Carrier Safety Administrator even though as the State of Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administrator she regularly issued licenses to unqualified truck drivers with as little as two weeks of training.  Martinez did the same when he was Chairman of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Like Martinez, Hill, and Darling, Ferro had never driven a truck for a living, much less had experience designing trucks and testing safety devices as required by the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act. The only possible motive for an unskilled person lacking scientific or technical qualifications to impersonate a safety professional is to profit from the deaths of innocent people. 

    It is difficult to imagine how the head of Maryland’s driver’s license office could have become president of Maryland’s trucking association without granting special favors like Governor Ryan did when he was head of Illinois’ driver’s license office. The president of a trucking association would normally be the owner of a successful trucking company—not a driver’s license office. According to the University of Michigan, Maryland reported only one truck crash after Ferro took over, making members of her Association appear safer than trucking companies located in other states.  The Department of Transportation also reported that trucks drove exactly one third more miles under Ferro than was published previously.  Obviously, if crashes are under-reported and miles driven are exaggerated, an administrator with no apparent qualifications can appear to improve safety. 

    As a result of this corruption, a sober motorist is now twice as likely to be killed by a heavy truck as by a drunk driver. To protect themselves, motorists purchased 160% more gas guzzling SUV's with bumpers the same height as truck bumpers in 2002 than they did in 1995. After 2002, pickups and SUV's continued to get larger and heavier as motorists strove to protect themselves from unqualified truck drivers. High gas prices resulting from a shortage of refinery capacity caused by these gas guzzlers triggered the 2008 recession by popping the housing bubble in outlying suburbs that were no longer economical to commute to.  

    When motorists switched to Diesel powered pickups to get better fuel economy, the price of Diesel fuel spiked to more than $4 per gallon, doubling the cost of shipping freight by truck. Efficiency improvements in container ships, such as steam turbines that generate additional power using waste heat from their exhaust, made it cheaper for big box retailers to import goods from from China than to ship them across the United States—destroying American manufacturing and turning a short term recession into a long term depression. Size and weight limits intended to protect the roads from overweight trucks prevented truckers from installing more efficient engines and exhaust heat recovery systems even though additional axles and heavier advanced suspension systems could have dramatically reduced highway damage.

    Even without including the costs of global warming, the Government Accountability Office estimated that the pollution, accident, and congestion costs of trucks are six times that of trains. Even the noise of trucks causes people to use more air conditioning than they otherwise would. According to a study by the Federal Railroad Administration, intermodalism is up to five times more fuel efficient than trucking. Even on short trips, ships and trains are twice as efficient as trucks.  If either Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s 'Safer Truck Act' or my related litigation had received a fair hearing, intermodal vehicles could have prevented the 2008 recession by capping the price of Diesel fuel at well below $2 per gallon.

    Much pollution and many additional crashes could have been prevented if motorists did not have to drive long distances between cities and to and from airports. The problem with high speed rail is that a misaligned switch can derail a train and kill hundreds of people. The only safe way of getting freight on or off of a high speed track is with an intermodal vehicle. Without freight to supplement passenger revenue, high speed tracks have not proven economical.

    The main benefit of intermodal vehicles is actually not safety or efficiency, but their ability to deliver freight absolutely anywhere without a loading dock. 18 wheelers carry their cargo high above the ground, making them dangerous for small businessmen to load and unload. If intermodal vehicles replaced long haul trucks, entrepreneurs could compete on a level playing field with giant corporations and farmers could sell produce directly to consumers over the internet at half supermarket prices.

    Inner city neighborhoods are like third world countries with vast numbers of unemployed youth that could be put to work if only they had access to transportation. Half of all trips are shopping trips. If people could buy directly from home industries and do most of their shopping at home over the internet, there would be fewer car crashes, less pollution, less highway congestion, cars would last longer, and prices and insurance rates would be lower. Needless to say, the trucking, oil, auto, food, insurance, and retail industries are all against it.

    If intermodal vehicles were allowed to deliver freight a mere five miles around industrial areas, demand for rail transportation would dramatically increase and track electrification would become economical—further reducing noise and pollution. Like most nations, the US has a surplus of nighttime generating capacity that could be used to power trains.  A trucker with a modern intermodal truck that traveled less than five miles could use plug in power and never buy a drop of Diesel fuel again. This is why a United States Senator was convicted of receiving gifts from an oil company.

     How much does our obsolete long haul trucking industry cost taxpayers?  According to the Government Accountability Office, unrecovered pollution, accident, and congestion costs of trucks exceeded 112.2 billion dollars in 2007.