Transportation workers have the right to insist that all drivers and motorists perform the following tests to insure that they are competent and safe to operate motor vehicles.

DRIVING TESTS:  Driving tests shall be conducted only by professional drivers with above average safety records in the type of vehicle they drive (for truckers this is approximately 250,000 logged miles without a collision.)  No person who is not above average compared to fellow professional drivers shall be allowed to determine the competence of any driver or motorist to operate a motor vehicle.  Police officers will be allowed to conduct driving tests only if they have previous professional driving experience with an above average safety record in the type of vehicle in which they are performing testing.  A timed defensive driving test using a driving simulator or a workbook containing maps of potential crashes on which safe escape routes must be drawn may also be required.  

VISION TESTS:  All new drivers and motorists will be required to detect an above average number of lights shining from the side on a peripheral vision test in which lights must be detected shining from the sides compared to the average performance of those who drive similar type vehicles.  New drivers and motorists who wish to drive at night must read an above average portion of an eye chart in a darkened room with a light mounted on top of the chart glaring into their eyes.  They may be tested on a machine that performs a similar function.

ALERTNESS TESTS: All new drivers and motorists must remain alert for an above average amount of time compared to other drivers of the type of vehicle they wish to drive while operating a driving simulator or similar test that can instantly detect narcolepsy or loss of concentration.  Drug tests to detect alertness enhancing drugs such as caffeine while taking the test must also be administered.

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