SAFETY TRUCK designed by William B. Trescott

     What you see above is not future technology.  This is what trucks would look like today if the government had not made safer trucks illegal in an effort to standardize vehicle design.  Trucks with composite unibody construction offer safety benefits such as crash absorbance.

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 So why did the government make this illegal?

     This new technology will revolutionize the trucking, railroad, retail, and shipping industries.  By delivering shipping containers at ground level, mom & pop store owners with only a tent or a gas station will be able to take deliveries directly from manufacturers without wholesalers or middlemen who inflate prices.  Truckers will be able to put containers directly onto railroad tracks absolutely anywhere and assemble them into trains, without the need for level crossings.

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     The most important cost savings will result from the elimination of paper boxes.  Goods will be loaded from the assembly line onto display bins at the factory and the identically sized bins can be stacked inside the containers without being touched by human hands.  Once the trucker plugs the container into the wall of the store, the container's built in lighting will illuminate the interior so that shoppers can walk directly inside to buy things.

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    In the future, most products you buy will be ordered over the internet or over your cable television simply by clicking buy me on your remote during a commercial.  Safety Malls will be located in residential neighborhoods and will function like post offices for food.  Small items will no longer need large packaging material to be noticed.  Rather than a printed box, there will be a sign on a bin to describe the product.  Only items that are pre-ordered will be stocked.

    Safety Mall technology will replace supermarket stockmen and janitors.  It will reduce the spread of disease, since the containers can be hosed out and disinfected when empty.  Manufacturers will be able to eliminate whole material handing departments.  With all of these advantages and no apparent disadvantages, is it any wonder that existing merchants, wholesalers, and other middlemen are giving politicians large campaign donations to keep this technology illegal?

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    Roll-overs are the leading cause of job fatalities among truckers.  About 300 truckers are killed that way each year.  Nearly 30,000 drivers are injured each year by their trucks and cargo.  No other industry experiences such carnage.   Click to read Stability and Highway Damage .

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